Play Paula, Play

Play isn’t something I am good at. To do something for the sake of pure enjoyment, without an ROI, targeted outcome or sense of accomplishment, isn’t something I really know how to do (unfortunately). Like many others, I was taught that you don’t rest (play) until all your work is done. But seriously, when is all the work done? Never.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time at the lake with my friend who has play on lockdown. In true form to someone who doesn’t know how to play, I brought Dare to Lead to keep reading in, my DTL journal I am using to prepare to facilitate, my regular journal, my business journal and my computer. I had big plans, but Mother Nature laughed in my face with that move.

Within an hour of getting on the water with her pontoon, a storm moved in. Not a storm; a deluge with pea size hail in the middle of the lake with winds so strong we were unanchored with no where to escape to. Mother Nature: 1. Paula: 0

I got the message loud and clear: this weekend is for play, not for work.

So this weekend, I played. Hard. For the first time in a couple decades, I took a pontoon ride and jumped in a lake. It was glorious.

The play was everything play was supposed to be: fun, relaxing, and without purpose. I rode on an ATV for the first time, ate smores over a massive bonfire, and spent a lot of time in the water soaking up the sun. I also caught a pretty spectacular sunset.

I walk away from this weekend with a renewed appreciation of play. It is critically important to ensuring that we have balance, and if it doesn’t come naturally, then we need to work on making it a priority (no pun intended). I enjoy work, and I enjoy working hard, but as it turns out, there is more to life than work. I am leaving the lake grateful, refreshed and sun-kissed. As it should be.

QOTD: “The opposite of play isn’t work – it’s depression.” ~ Dr. Stuart Brown

Mood: God’s Country – Blake Shelton

Share: Are you good at play, or do you need to prioritize it? What do you do to play?

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