“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”  ~ Brené Brown, Rising Strong

This definition of Integrity is my North Star. I’m not afraid to do hard things or speak up. I am fiercely committed to living and working with integrity, even if it is hard. Especially if it is hard.


I am insatiably curious and I love learning – about people, places, culture and things that make this world diversely rich and beautiful. An academic at heart, I love all things educational: Ted Talks, RSA Shorts, trainings and conferences etc. Most of all, I love listening to and learning from people’s stories. “Curiosity is a precursor, and Wisdom is the outcome, but Learning is the vehicle.” ~ Paula Grace


I moved a lot as a kid. A lot. 3 states, 5 cities, 7 houses, and 9 schools before I was 18 years old. The only Home I knew was my grandparent’s home in Minot, N.D. They had a little green house on the corner of 11th Ave SE with a baby’s breath bush outside the steps, a clothesline in the yard and rhubarb growing in the garden. Their home was as humble as they were: a faith-centric, farming family full of love, community, and homemade iced gingerbread men with red hots for buttons.

My Home is sacred ground for me. I don’t take for granted the importance of being firmly rooted to friends, family and community. It is everything.

Grandpa Pete and his Honeybunch