Paula has accomplished some outstanding work. Paula came in to our co-op and took a quick read on where we were in regards to our human resources capability. She worked with me on a list of priorities and set to work.

Paula organized all of our employee files, both current and past, and advised me on what was missing in each file. She also prepared all the forms necessary for future hires. Paula gave me a basic introductory session on current state and federal law as it relates to human resources. She produced a list of resources I could use to tap into after she was gone.

She read through our current Employee Handbook, made suggestions and provided me with a finished, new resource I can share with my employees. And she walked through with me her best practices of hiring. We had an open position at the time and Paula set up accounts to post the opening, provided me with a host of her best interview questions and even conducted some phone interviews which I listened in and then I conducted a phone interview while she listened.

We have taken a significant step in our human resources capability. We are better organized, have a clearer understanding of what current law requires of employers and will soon be implementing strategies that make our pay scale and benefits package more equitable and coherent. I am so pleased we could get help from Paula.

We are a small co-op and are emerging from some very difficult financial issues. We could not afford to pay a consultant to come in and do what Paula accomplished. (As a matter of fact, I’m not sure even if we could afford a consultant we would have received the quality and scope of work Paula accomplished in the short time she had.) She is a bundle of energy and we are significantly better off today re: human resources than we were just two short months ago. This benefit will be long lasting.

Baard Webster, General Manager, Spiral Natural Foods