Carey McDougall, Director of Academic Affairs @ Penn State Beaver

I took part in Paula’s bi-weekly book group on Dare To Lead. As a higher education executive, I wanted to better understand the book’s concepts to implement them at work. The bi-weekly book group sessions with Paula were exactly what I was looking for after reading Dare to Lead. Paula has a kind, thoughtful and intelligent way of leading discussions that is also inclusive, inspiring and intellectually stimulating. The book discussion led me perfectly into a two-day Dare To Lead workshop, giving me bi-weekly opportunities to practice engaging with the book’s concepts. After each meeting, I was inspired to engage in the book’s practices both at work and personally, and even integrated the practices into my unit — because of Paula’s encouragement and finesse with helping me see how the ideas were relevant to my world. Paula is one of the most generous facilitators I have ever met. Her honesty and care is above and beyond and her sensitivity to diverse perspectives is outstanding. I highly encourage others to take advantage of all that she has to offer.

Published by Inner Wisdom Coaching and Consulting

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