I was out of work / between jobs and basically just down on my luck when I had a conversation with Paula who was able to offer me a unique view and outside perspective on my situation. After thoroughly listening to my story and details of how I was viewing what was happening, she offered me specific tips, pointers, and advice on how to potentially get past the trials that I was currently facing in my life.

During our back-and-forth she did an excellent job breaking down the situation and ultimately explained that I needed to just go confront the issue face-to-face that was deterring my progress. Long story short, I am now currently working full time and I would not hesitate to go to Paula for consulting sessions in the future. She has the necessary tools for success and a drive for nothing less than excellence. I truly feel that anyone could benefit from her coaching and I would highly encourage anyone who may may be looking to start their career or even take it to the next level to seriously consider utilizing the resources that Paula at Inner Wisdom Coaching and Consulting has to offer!

M.E. – Insurance Claims Adjuster