I have known Paula Grace for all of the nearly 12 years that she served as our HR Manager at our natural foods co-op. Throughout these years, our organization experienced many challenging, sometimes stressful changes as we grew.  And through it all, Paula always provided thoughtful resources and administrative stability to meet the fast-paced, sometimes chaotic workplace environment (for example a recent full-building remodeling that took nearly an entire year).  Paula’s stability and calm confidence greatly helped many staff members successfully adapt to these changes.

Paula always demonstrated a highly professional approach to the myriad HR responsibilities entrusted to her, with dedication and high ethical standards.  I have always trusted her fully.

In one case (very personal to me), our Marketing Department underwent a wrenching restructure that resulted in removal of many of my favorite duties.  During my time of disappointment and dismay, Paula made a great effort to reassure me that I now had opportunities to learn some valuable new skill sets.  I will always remember — with gratitude — how Paula handled this situation with grace, kindness, empathy and integrity.

In the weeks that followed, it was Paula herself who trained me well – how to onboard new hires into our co-op, a workplace duty that I’d never before been able to experience.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the process; and was blessed almost immediately with regaining my confidence and creative edge – to better serve our co-op and even our marketing department.

In summary, Paula never just phones it in.  Day after day — without fail — I have watched her pour her professional passion, her considerable workplace wisdom and her intelligent spark into helping keep our organization running like a well-balanced mechanism. 

And Paula helped make it a better place.  That’s why I miss her.

S.H. – Communications Specialist