This Is Only the Beginning

It’s been a whirlwind. Within days, multiple people asked me about my business plan. Business plan? What business plan? Oh I need a domain? Wait, buying a domain doesn’t buy me a website? I need a website? I don’t know how to build a website. Forget that, what am I going to call my company? How am I going to brainstorm a clever tagline? Coming up with a logo? I’m not a designer, I can barely draw stick people. And on, and on. And on.

Rabbit hole. Cue the “not good enough” gremlins and their friends, the “who do you think you are” gremlins; in short, I’ve been in a tailspin. When my mind becomes fixated on a problem/challenge/opportunity, it is nearly impossible to shut my brain off. I borderline obsess until I’ve worked out something that “feels right”. It is a blessing, and a curse.

Nearly 72 hours later, and I have: bought a domain, named my company, designed a logo, created a tagline and started a website. Do I have any idea what I am doing? Not a clue. I’m just going with the momentum, because I know that this is the way forward.

When I was in San Antonio last month studying with Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead ™ Facilitator, I walked all over downtown in 101 degrees trying to find a journal to purchase. The only one I could find was shimmery gold. Totally not my color, but I had no choice if I wanted to get what was in my head out.

Shimmer and Soul Shake

After transferring all my DTL notes into my shimmery gold journal, re-reading The Gifts of Imperfection and writing down every quote that resonated with me, I realized I would quickly run out of processing space. I needed to buy a new journal. But it couldn’t just be any journal, it needed to be just right. Enter Papyrus. I bought two. Love, love, love.

And it’s true; this is only the beginning for me. I was joking around with someone today and said my life is really broken down like this: BB and AB. Before Brené and After Brené. Except I’m not kidding, not really. In so many ways, the DTL training saved my life – more on that later.

I was reminded this week that it isn’t very often that I’m not 15 steps ahead with a detailed plan. #planner In this moment, I am trying to figure out the next step and there are no guarantees. Vulnerability at its finest.

QOTD: “Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.” ~Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Mood: Faithfully – Journey

Share: Have you had a moment in your life where you were trying to figure out the next step? Did you choose courage and take a leap of faith? What was the outcome?

4 thoughts on “This Is Only the Beginning”

  1. Five years ago, I took a leap. Moved to a new state. However, it wasn’t the outcome I’d hoped for.
    I’ve learned, one should trust their instints. If you have doubts, trust yourself.

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  2. Some Day I wanted to lead a nature writing retreat. Finally, I did just a few weeks ago. I wrestled those same gremlins you did, doubted my ability, credibility, and kept waiting for the right timing. I did it and now I’m excited for Next Time. Was it perfect? Far from it, but it was well attended and we all learned. Brene Brown has mentored me in her books, and I can only imagine the power of her mentorship in person. AB will unfold for you and you will live in the messiness of a vulnerable life and know true joy. May you share that knowledge and your gifts with many others.


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