According to Brené Brown, the number one reason people feel resentful is lack of holding boundaries.  This is a reminder to practice good boundaries this holiday season.  We will all be bombarded with advertising promising a joyful season if we have the latest, greatest toys, appliances, fashion, technology. I invite you to remember that going into debt to impress others or try and make other people happy is not necessary to have a joyful season.

I invite you to consider practicing a season of gratitude.  One in which you slow down and celebrate what you already have.  As you do, consider yourself in the equation.  What makes you happy?  Do you really want to go to multiple obligatory holiday parties, or the one or two that really are important?  Give yourself permission:  If it’s not a “Hell Yes”, it’s a no.

I invite you to connect with those most important to you, those you have lost touch with or who have largely gone ignored this past year.  Busy has become a status symbol, with zero reward.  Find a moment…take a moment… and reach out to those who have made a difference in your life, and let them know.  Our words are extensions of our hearts and this world is in desperate need for more intentional kindness. 

Most of all, I invite you to be kind to yourself.  What does this look like?  If you listen closely, really listen, you already know what you need.  Your Inner Wisdom is infinite. 

Today what I needed was a slow start.  A hot shower.  Time spent getting ready instead of rushing out the door to a neverending pile of work.  A latte and bagel consumed sitting in the sun and some reflection time.  Space.  Space for me.

Take care of you, because no one else is going to do it for you.


QOTD:  Don’t worry, be happy. ~ Bobby McFerrin

Mood: Christmas Everything!

Share: Where do you find yourself in resentment? Can you connect it to lack of practicing good boundaries?

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